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Places Coworking offers the ideal environment for professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow their businesses.

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A place to work, a place to be, a place to live!

Welcome to Places! We have gathered all the modern, comfortable and flexible ways of working that unite and motivate us. This is the best Place for growing startups and established companies, for remote and on-the-go companies, for virtual offices, and freelancers as well!

You will surely find the right Place for you and your business in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Get a guided tour of our offices and find the right Place for your work team. Your Place waits for you!

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Your Place waits for you!

There's nothing better than seeing our Place up close and personal, however you embark on a virtual voyage through our office spaces and uncover the perfect Place for your team.

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Discover the best Place for you

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

1 Person

A physical business address, a virtual mailbox and all the documents and permits you need to establish your business in Puerto Rico!

Discover your Place!

Day Pass

Day Pass

1 Person

Access to Places Coworking from 9am to 6pm. Enjoy collaborative work in an environment designed to inspire new ideas.

Discover your Place!

Dedicated Place

Dedicated Place

1 Person

A personal, ergonomic and comfortable desk with a file cabinet. This Place is for you and is available 24/7.

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Creative Place

Creative Place

Imagine and discover, Reserve at least 4 hours of a Video Production Studio

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Private Place

Private Place

1 Person

A private and perfectly furnished office for teams to express their creativity and increase their productivity. This Place is perfect for teams from 1-7 members.

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Conference Room

Non-members can also rent our Conference Room to discuss business in a sophisticated, private, pre-reserved Place.

Choose your plan according to the size of your team.


Conference Room
For 4 people
$50.00 / hour


Conference Room
For 9 people
$65.00 / hour


Kitchen Access
Open kitchen, and snack credits for members.

Business Class Printers
Efficient, fast and state-of-the-art technology.

Business Address
Physical address for your Business Mail Service.

24/7 Power & Water Cistern
Equipped in case of emergencies or power outages

Networking Community
Connect with professionals from many industries.

High Speed Fiber Internet
Browse at maximum speed without interruptions.

Ergonomic Furniture
Experience maximum comfort and relaxation.

Bathroom with Showers
¿Running late? Take a quick shower and get ready.

Private Phone Booths
Quiet Spots to take a phone or video call

Deep Cleaning
Of all surfaces, privates offices and workstations

Mail Management & handling Compliant with regulations to receive and handle your email

Open Spaces
With modern design.

Your Place is here!


What is Virtual Coworking?
Can I split a membership with someone else?
Do you accept pets?
Do you offer Virtual Office or Mail Services?
Do you offer 24/7 access to the WorkPlace?
Are you open on holidays?
Are Virtual Places good for Law 20, Law 22 or Act 60?
What is your cancellation policy?
When can I start? Should I wait until the 1st of the month?
Can you rent a Conference Room without a membership?

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